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Get your wallet started - Sites with Free BitCoins ;)

Guys thought I'd give you a heads up of how to get some free coins. All these sites give you small amounts of bitcoins everyday and on some you have a chance of winning bigger amounts. Just make sure you have a BitCoin Wallet setup so you have a BitCoin Address, and you're good to go.
Daily BitCoins
Bunny Run
El Bitcoin Gratis
Coin Reaper
Bit Coiner
Coin Ticket
EDIT These are BitCoin Faucets. You don't have to watch films, click ads or anything. Just enter your address for free bitcoins.
Less than half of the links are referral links and it's no scam so i think it's a bit unfair to flame/downvote me for offering people a way to get going. I use these sites all the time and although you only get small amounts, it all adds up and who knows what 0.00001 of a coin will be worth in 1 year from now.
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Big List of sites that give away Bitcoins for free.

To all of you who want some bitcoins, I've compiled a big list of sites that give away small amounts of bitcoins for free.
Get paid for watching videos:
And the last one needs you to register. They pay you for viewing ads and you have to accumulate a minimum amount of views before you can request payout. If you do that they pay decently.
P.S.: Some of the links above are referral URLs. Meaning that I will get a small reward from the the respective page you visit. Your earnings will NOT be diminished by that.
EDIT: Updated
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Free BITCOIN Websites / Faucets + Giveaway 1337 mBTC Earn free bitcoins easy!! [Directlinks in description!] Mechatroniker (m/w/d) in Böklund, gesucht:

Finden Sie den geeigneten Bitcoin Steuerberater Böklund. hilft dir dabei, eure Steuererklärung für Kryptowährungen zu erstellen. Schnell, einfach und unkompliziert! Zuerst solltest du noch wissen, dass auch in Böklund Einkommenssteuer und eben nicht die Abgeltungssteuer oder Umsatzssteuer auf Bitcoins Erträge bezahlt werden. Bitcoin Mittwoch, 31. Juli 2013. Gratis Bitcoin Games Bitcoiner Boklund Cointicket Bitcoinworld Netlookup Bitcoinaddict Coinad Lift-Institute Peerbet. Eingestellt von Agnar85MD um 22:56 Keine Kommentare: Diesen Post per E-Mail versenden BlogThis! In Twitter freigeben In Facebook freigeben Auf Pinterest teilen. Alle 30 Minuten 0.00000250 Bitcoins Canhasbitcoin Faucetbtc Elbitcoingratis ... At Moon Bitcoin you may get free bitcoins. 163 satoshis every 1 hour. Responder Eliminar. Respuestas. Responder. Blogger 11 de agosto de 2017 a las 12:25. YoBit lets you to claim FREE CRYPTO-COINS from over 100 distinct crypto-currencies, you complete a captcha one time and claim as much as coins you can from the available offers. After you make about 20-30 claims, you complete the captcha and ... I went to buy a Bitcoin. At £20. But I had to set up a transfer from the bank and wait for paperwork. Eventually it came. Bitcoin was now £60! Looks like I missed my boat. And I’m still missing the boat, it’s now at £92 and climbing! Anyway, I then thought about it. If Bitcoin really is the future, then we should try and get some. Market analysts have speculated that Bitcoin could ... Einfach Essen bestellen in ganz Deutschland via! Heute Lust auf Pizza, Sushi, Chinesisch oder Vegetarisch? Wähle aus über 15.000 Restaurants.

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Free BITCOIN Websites / Faucets + Giveaway 1337 mBTC Mechatroniker (m/w/d) in Böklund, gesucht: Jetzt Bewerben ! Wir suchen zum nächstmöglichen Termin einen Mecha... Skip navigation Sign in. Search This is an easy way to earn bitcoins! Since October last year I've made over 6 BTC myself! :) For up-to-date bitcoinprices check ! Faucets:...